Livro Inglês 12ª Classe (Textos Editores) em PDF

Livro Inglês 12ª Classe (Textos Editores) PDF

Introduction Inglês 12 text book is the last series of textbooks for students completing Secondary Education in Mozambique.  In it, we included a variety of exercises and tasks with the main focus on communication skills.  It contains a number of tasks and language that you might encounter in everyday interaction within and outside the school.  The textbook contains 14 units organized into themes and are all related to our daily lives.  Themes such as: Children’s righis and duties that you should know and be aware off. 

• The use to which computer is put for and operations that it can perform. 

• Success that anyone can achieve no matter the color of your skin. 

• Customs and tradition in Mozambique and around the world. 

• The importance of satellites in day to day communication, How to write CV and references.

• Malaria and the danger that is upon humam beings. 

• Some people calls media as the third power in any country.  We tried to show you the importance of it. 

• Politics and elections deal with some concepts related to the topic and election process. 

• The need to preserve art and craft as a must in any country.  You will learn about famous art and craft and people who make this kossible. 

• Agriculture is the basis for development and it employs the majority of people.  You are going to read and be aware of the needs to avoid bush-fires, the need to rotate the crops and the kind of crops that can increase the lertility of soils. 

• Fashion deals with the view that some people have about it.  Language use and tasks highlight the need to distinguish between fashion and elegance and the polite way to use expressions that are related to fashion.  Iligher education explains the phases that some students mighi go through to achieve that level education.  We compared the iwo countries.  Mozambique and the United States of America and the last pan include debate about advantages and disadvantages of the Iwo systems of higher education, Information and Technology (IT).  It is a new trend in this moderm world and will be useless to finish this hook without including Information Technology (11) The reading passages will clanify a mumber of aspcets that IT contains and the use to which we put it We went a bit futher talking  about the internal component computer and the functiois executed by such devices and the help thn bringinsociely Ps 14

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4. Picrure iterpretationSpeaking INTRODUCTION CC R ….. UNIT 1-Children’s Rights and L. Brainstorming 6. Scanning for specific information 38 7. Linguage focus: Referring, using pronouns.  38 9. R. Consolidation task: Rellexive pronouns 39 9. 3. Picture interpretation 4. Reading and speaking 3. Skimmimg 6,1anguage focus: Expressing obligation and unnecessary action 7. Language focus: Expressing contrast snaoj aden8u 6 10, Consolidation ask:  Rellexive pronouns … non 40 11. Consolidatioa uask: Nouns and pronouns, singular and plural It 1. Brains.orming * suompeL pue saiojsn) -IINN 2. Picture interpreuation / Resding and matching information.  9. Reading and scanning 12 10. Project work 11. Consolidation task 12. Consolidation lask: Moda / Phrasal verby 13. Consolidation usk: Polite questions with would you mind / may / could 3. Reading and comparing information El 4. Language focus Synonyms  5. Wrlting 6. Language focus: Expressing frequenty, degree, manner and place UNIT 2- Privatc Property 1. Beainstorming 2. Language focus: Word classification 7. Consolidation usk: Adverbs 8. Vcabulary: Customs and traditions 9. Reading 61 10.  Writing 07 1. Reading for detail 5. Writing 6. Reading UNIT 5- Satellites 2. Reading / Dialogie 3. Reading comprchensson SuAA 2 8. Reading and summarzing 9. Wriung and speaking 10. Reading .. 1L.  Matching information 4. Language focus: Adverbs 5. 1 anguage focus: I clauses O. Vocobulary.  Satellites and telecommunications 51 7. Consolidarion asks If clauses.  8. Language focus Basic nulls of capltalization 9. Reading 67 10. Reading comprchension 13. Reading for detail 14. Language focus Agreemg and disagreeing 11 Sanning for specific informalion 16. Language focus.  The Present Simple Passive 17 Language focus Compennd sdjecives 18 Cnsolid ation ask Presen Simple and Simple Past 19.Conselsdano rask Modas DE 19 A Piciure interpretation Selvagemrosg T 79 Sape Realirg comprehension 19 S O Reading per

19 1 …. Sp Tope 69 8. Conaolidation lek: 9. Langonge focux Tag questions.  Countatile and uncountable nouns naoj allenserL oldation task Sunou gunooun pus ageiunog uo merod 66 suonsinb uoPosio o1 66 OL gof v žuan a 1-Malaria 1Z.  Reading .. 13. Reading comprehenslon ut Roding Scaming for speelic informatlon Scanming for specific information abdlary: Publilc health 73 se.  uopaad NT UNIT 11- Agriculture and Idcas for the Future.  2. Reading, Scanning lor specilic infarmatlon 3. Vocabulary.  Fields nd larming .. 4. Language focus: Idiemanc expreslons 74. don for requess and commanh 74 Sabulary: Be cleart Speaking Lor 6. Writing: A formal leuer .. 7. Consolidation 3sk Use of get 8. Consolidation usk Comparing things idiematially kng  requirements and asking penalssion 76 seT & -Media Bmitorming an Bopormo 6 Agriculture vocabulary 211 UNIT 12- Fashlon Seading omprehenslon elary Mass Media Sacabalary Be cleart .. 2. Reading / Discusion 18 J. Reading comprehenslon 4. Language locus: Polite expressions 18 Gagrsing piclerence (  wold rather) Conseldation tak mid raher to espress preference SIT Yerpea’S 6. Language focuv: Reported Speech 911 uoruou yoadç oog aenfur A Writing INEY-Mocs and Elections mng r specillc information Topeny Comprchension SIL 5 Consolidauon sk.  Repoted speech n Censolidation tak Quenons and auxilury verbs i.Cumoidaniom tk ing und Inhnive Bojoupn pur niageso fom Lxpressing for team p Presen Pede Progressve pue qn A je nak Poltics and elecrens UNIT I4- laformution & Technolon u nd nad 2 Whing Cof 16 pu Tuyu

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