Livro de Ingles 10ª. Classe em PDF – DOWNLOAD

Livro de Ingles 10ª. Classe

Livro de Ingles 10ª. Classe

Baixar Livro de Ingles 10ª. Classe PDF

his Study guidance aims to provide you with simple synopsis of the main objectives of the grade 10 English Subject Program.
The seven units readily available in this Guidance are the most important topics and thus the most important objectives to be reached by the end of grade 10 English Subject.

  1. Agriculture and sustainable development
  2. Tourisms, wildlife and environment
  3. Means of transport and communication
  4. Science, technology and innovation
  5. Industry, commerce and Business
  6. International trade and diplomacy
  7. Human rights and gender

Livro de Ingles 10ª. Classe

Autor: Artur Jorge Tembe e Belmiro Nento Novele
Titulo: Material de Estudo de Inglês 10ª Classe
Editora: ….
Ano de lançamento: …
Classe: 10ᵃ
Disciplina: Inglês
Idioma: Português
Tamanho: 3.73 MB

As your study will go by, the topics will invite you to discuss ideas, contrast, argue, ask and answer to questions, connect phrases, describe experiences and events, understand texts, understand facts, write simple texts, business letter or simple stories and so on. Provided that you will have to study alone or with friends, we strongly advice you to have bilingual and monolingual dictionary so as to check up difficult key words.
Throughout the guidance you will acquire relevant competences for political, social and economic integration in the country to the fast and effective resolution of possible problems of the society.
Thus, look for partner to share with him/her positively these new challenges of Education.

Dear student, throughout the year you will have to cover the following:

• Accept
• Agree and disagree
• Arguing/ explaining
• Asking and answering
• Asking for information, reasons,
• Comparing and contrasting
• Confirming and denying
• Describing activities, events, places,
• Expressing opinions, preferences,
• Giving advice, instructions, reasons, suggestions,
• Identify
• Inquiring about some specific things,
• Inviting, accepting and refusing
• Leading a discussion,
• Making predictions
• Persuading,
• Prediction
• Reporting events,
• Supporting ideas,
• Writing warm notices.

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