Baixar Exame de Inglês 12ª Classe 2023 pdf

Baixar Exame de Inglês 12ª Classe pdf
Baixar Exame de Inglês 12ª Classe pdf

Instituto Nacional de Exames, Certificação e Equivalências – República de Moçambique

Exame Final de Língua Inglesa – 12ª Classe (ES2 / 2023) – 1ª Chamada

I. Questions 1 to 5 – Text Analysis: What are Prisons For?

  1. What are prisons for?
  • A. For convicting ordinary people of crime
  • B. For the confinement of people in lawful detention
  1. What do the underlined words refer to?
  • A. A person who is accused of a criminal act
  • B. Places where criminals are confined
  1. When are law offenders also imprisoned?
  • A. As soon as the judicial process ends
  • B. When it is clear that they are innocent
  1. The history of prison dates way back to Bible times. This means that…
  • A. Even in Bible times, people were imprisoned.
  • B. In Bible times, people were not sent to prison.
  1. Prisons are important because they…
  • A. Are places where everyone can live and work.
  • B. Help people from communities die of old age.

II. Questions 6 to 10 – Text Analysis: Becoming Self-Employed

  1. Who encourages people to become self-employed?
  • A. The government
  • B. People themselves
  1. One of the main attractions of becoming self-employed is…
  • A. Having to arrange your own sick pay.
  • B. Not having to work for somebody else.
  1. Which statement is not a way of getting ideas on how to become self-employed?
  • A. Looking at books about self-employment
  • B. Looking at leaflets about self-employment
  1. What does the author advise people who want to be self-employed to do if they have an opportunity?
  • A. Keep poultry
  • B. Undergo some training
  1. How can self-employment benefit the country?
  • A. Increasing unemployment
  • B. Reducing poverty

III. Choose the best word or words in options (A, B, C, or D) to complete each sentence.
11-40. Multiple-choice questions requiring completion of sentences with appropriate words.

End of Exam

Important Note: This is a simulated organization of the provided information into sections and questions. For accurate grading and assessment, it’s recommended to use the official exam paper and marking guidelines provided by the Instituto Nacional de Exames, Certificação e Equivalências.

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